#FemaleFounders - Prince of Pins: A Journey from that Leap of Faith.

#FemaleFounders - Prince of Pins: A Journey from that Leap of Faith.

Our Taizjo team in Kuala Lumpur sat down with Sooky, to learn more of her walking into entrepreneurship with her company, Prince of Pins! 

Q: You were in the corporate sector for a few years before taking the leap to venture into business full time. What was the turning point?

Sooky: I always wanted to start a business of my own since young, and to follow in the footsteps of my father. But I did not know what business it was, or when it would happen.

A little backstory, I came from a non christian family, and I struggled with depression since my university days. During my time in the corporate sector where I was actually doing great at work, I was not happy and it really affected the way I lived my life at that time. Thankfully I met an old friend and was introduced to church.

My turning point came where one day I woke up and thought “ What is the point of living anymore? Might as well I end my life because there is nothing that really excites me”. The next moment, these 6 words entered my mind - “Without God, life has no purpose” and I knew that God was reaching out. It was that second where I felt all my weights drop and the depression was gone. I gave my life to Christ that day.

After becoming a Christian and growing, I felt the want to give my life back to God and live it as a testimony. At that time, I was still working at a startup and the idea of Prince of Pins came very naturally and decided to develop on it whilst working as a marketing manager. I started researching more about pins and taking the usual steps of creating a product. My father was on board with it, and I took it as a sign to grow the business.

So I quit my full-time job whilst my company was going through retrenchment, and jumped both feet into Prince of Pins! 


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Q: As a first-time entrepreneur, how do you think you’ve grown since the start of the business?

Sooky: One thing for sure is my ability to persevere. I feel like the whole business itself is a journey. Being someone who used to give up quite easily, this whole experience taught me to push through and to trust God. It is a hard journey, but an extremely rewarding one!

Q: What were some of the challenges you faced recently, and how did you over come it? 

Sooky: I would say alike to many other success stories, there will always be people who do not believe in what you do and shoot you down. At that time it was hard for me and I wanted to make people happy. But I came to realise that sometimes it’s just about doing what’s right. That is definitely one of the major things I had to overcome, because it will stifle a lot of your creativity and decision making.

Prince Of Pins

Q: What was one of the fulfilling moments that you had running Prince of Pins?

Sooky: It was when my customers received my pins, and they reached out to say that it meant so much to them. To me it felt like I did my part, even with such a small thing. It means a lot to me, and it’s the fuel to my fire.

Q: Any specific challenges or benefits of being a female founder?

Sooky:To be very frank, and thank God for the community and customers, I have never really felt that I am being belittled because of my gender. When customers found out that Prince of Pins is run by a single female founder, it impresses them of our capabilities beyond what you’re born into.

Q: If you could #TakeitAnywhere, where do you hope to see Prince of Pins going in the long term?

Sooky: I see it as a seed that will sprout and inspire everyone else to go for their dreams. I don’t know how long this business will run or how far it will go, but I see it sparking a lot of creatives to take that leap of faith to pursue their passion.

Q: For other aspiring entrepreneurs, what’s a piece of advice you’d want to leave them with?

Sooky: Always remember that life is a journey and a marathon. Take it slow and enjoy every single moment and make more mistakes, because we grow from that! Every successful entrepreneur out there has failed plenty of times :)

Featuring: SANDLUX Phone Sling Case with Beige Case and Gold Chain

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